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Canada Immigration Lawyer, Edmonton. Need help with spousal sponsorship, permanent residence or express entry (PR) application? Or, have questions for our Canada immigration lawyer? 

Smith Law Group is your best choice for an immigration lawyer in Edmonton!

Immigration law is the only law we do. So, we understand the significance and impact for you and your family as you apply for a visitor's visa, study permit, work permit, sponsorship or permanent residence to Canada. Do you have questions about immigrating to Canada? Would you like to bring your significant other to Canada? Our Canada Immigration lawyer can help by listing your best options for staying in Canada!

When you contact our Canada immigration lawyer and experienced staff, you will instantly benefit from our guidance, instruction and advice. Our immigration lawyer, Edmonton, with years of on-hand, direct experience in the field of immigration law, can help you and your family with most immigration issues and can help prepare your immigration plan, efficiently. In most cases, we can be your Representative throughout your immigration process!

Below are the major focus areas for our firm under this Canada immigration law category: 

  • Spouse sponsorship
  • Permanent residence - express entry, ITA, profile creation
  • Temporary residence visas
  • Study permit applications
  • Work permit applications
  • Immigration appeals or refusals
  • Parent and sibling sponsorship
  • Canada experience class (express entry) applications
  • Federal Skilled workers (express entry) applications
  • Skilled Trades (express entry)
  • Permanent residence cards and Citizenship
  • Detention review hearings
  • Inadmissibility hearings  
  • Immigration consultants and immigration lawyer - Edmonton, Alberta
  • US entry waivers
  • Canada record suspension (formerly called pardons)
  • Temporary residence permits
  • PR (permanent resident) Card applications
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate permanent residence applications
  • Refugee applications
  • Implied status
  • Citizenship applications
SMITH LAW GROUP - If you are seeking a Canada immigration lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta, contact our Canada immigration lawyer directly (send an email with our Assessment page or give us a call to arrange a consultation!) - to start building your future in Canada today - with a solid PLAN for tomorrow.

***We have Tagalog speakers on staff if you prefer to have a consultation with an immigration lawyer, Edmonton, in that language.

"I am sure you may not know me again but I will try to give some information about me probably my name will ring a bell. I had a consultation with you in 2015. I told you about the uncommon request from CIC regarding my family. We were asked to provide a document which a lawyer in my country said was not possible to obtain. You explained to me that immigration will continue to ask for the document. We got the document in about 2-3 weeks and at the end of 2015, they all landed to join me as permanent resident in Canada. This is just to thank you for your advice - we are grateful!" (Name withheld by request)